Public Speaking

With presentation skills in English and Spanish, Claudine Vainrub brings something to the table that very few presenters and public speakers can.

An understanding of diversity from many perspectives… Ms. Vainrub possesses international experience, having lived and worked in Venezuela, Israel, Michigan and Florida, and translates this experience to integration know-how.

Claudine Vainrub also brings her in-depth knowledge of marketing and career strategy to motivate audiences into taking action to achieve their goals.

Having a solid formation and many years of successful professional experience in careers, education and marketing, her audiences range from students to executives to workers on any level and in any industry.

Marketing theories can translate to any industry and even, any individual. With advanced understanding of the methodologies, we gain ownership of marketing and are able to take it to our level, to create strategies and achieve our highest corporate and individual ambitions, says Claudine.

Ms. Vainrub is an active member of Toastmasters International, the Association of Training and Development of Fort Lauderdale and the International Speakers Network.

Contact Claudine Vainrub to learn more on conference topics and what we can do to inspire your audience to exceed your aspirations.

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