Utilizing career strategy savvy, inventive and a high-dose of energy to inspire professionals into reaching their maximum potential! – This is my own Personal Brand Statement, expresses Claudine Vainrub, MBA and Certified Personal Branding Strategist.

The concepts of Marketing and Branding are not unfamiliar at all to Ms. Vainrub, who devoted her graduate studies to this field. In corporate America, she led marketing initiatives for companies such as General Motors Corp., Shiseido, Digital Equipment Corp. and Grupo Frigilux. In her Vice-President role at Frigilux, she proved that effective marketing plans have direct impact on the bottom line. “I became a believer in branding as a way to differentiate your products and services, and even your own persona, from those of your competitors.”

Ms. Vainrub spent several years at the leadership of Frigilux, an international manufacturing corporation with over 1,500 employees. She conducted Marketing Management, Research, Analysis and Strategic Planning, and was always regarded as a team builder, facilitator and motivator, orchestrating a group to help it achieve its goal, while inspiring others to participate and be successful team members.

With communication skills in four languages, and advanced composition skills in English and Spanish, she can easily relate to diverse audiences. Originally from Venezuela, she represents Latinos all over the United States of America. She is a member of the National Association of Hispanic MBA’s – NSHMBA.

At present time, Ms. Vainrub conducts marketing consulting with global corporations, and focuses on strategies to open new markets and launch new products. Her ability to take a project and execute it has enabled her client companies’ quick achievement of their goals.

Due to her excellent public speaking skills in English and Spanish, Ms. Vainrub has been invited to conduct marketing and personal branding seminars for mainstream and diversity audiences, motivating others with her marketing savvy, enthusiasm and desire to succeed.

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