Claudine Vainrub offers expertise in the areas of College and Graduate School Admissions. Upon her graduation from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business MBA Program in 1997, she became part of the Alumni Admissions Committee (AAC). As a collaborator, Claudine interviewed applicants to the Ross MBA Program and submitted recommendations for admission. She conducted this work for 10 years, and still continues to be a volunteer.

Ever since I conducted my own MBA Admissions research, I discovered a strong interest in learning about schools and programs, and what they have to offer. I have visited many campuses and have studied in-depth many programs to understand not only what they offer in paper, but the “feel” of the university/college, and learn about the type of student that has the best chance to excel in each environment.

Ms. Vainrub has coached many applicants, mostly of international background, into the College Admissions process, including new college applicants and college transfer applicants.

She has succesfully provided consulting services to international candidates to Master’s of Business Administration – MBA, Master’s of International Affairs – MIA, Master’s of Public Affairs – MPA, Master’s of Communications, Master’s of Engineering, and Master’s of Global Banking and Finance, among many programs.

Her results have been outstanding – Claudine has supported her clients into being accepted at “brand name” and highly competitive institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Duke University, Emerson College, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, New York University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, University of Florida, University of Miami, and University of Michigan, among others.

However, a harder task was also achieved by Ms. Vainrub’s candidates. Several international candidates received Merit-based scholarships to attend the schools of their choice. Among the schools providing these Merit-based scholarships are Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University and Hartford University. A very small percentage of international students ever receive scholarships, which is why Ms. Vainrub distinguishes herself as a top educational consultant.

Ms. Vainrub is an active member of the Higher Education Consultants Association – HECA, and also of the Southern Association of Colleges and Admissions Counselors – SACAC. She is an advanced writer and communicator in both English and Spanish.

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