Graduate School Admissions

Do you know what is the best graduate school option for you?

With EduPlan, we will help you understand your options for graduate programs. A Graduate Degree can take you to the next level. It can help you enhance your job opportunities and paycheck, it can provide a professional network, it can help you achieve in-depth knowledge of a specific field of study, making you stand out from the crowd.

Whether continuing directly from an undergraduate program or returning from the workforce, the right graduate program can open many doors for you.

EduPlan will assist you throughout the process of application. We have consulted with Graduate School Applicants from all over the world in successfully gaining admissions to Masters’ and PhD programs in the fields of Psychology, Engineering, Education, Law, International Law, Public Affairs, International Affairs, Communications, Journalism, Advertising, Interior Design, and Graphic Design, among others. We also work with students interested in gaining admission to Medical and Dental programs in the U.S.

Services we provide in Graduate School Admissions:

  • Election of programs and schools to apply to
  • Management of admission process for each specific program
  • Conduction of Career and Educational Assessments
  • Development of a list of activities that help demonstrate the skills and proficiencies of each applicant, as well as their leadership abilities
  • Development of timelines and application strategies
  • Generation of Strategies for the taking standardized examinations (GRE, TOEFL)
  • Essay Writing training and techniques
  • Interview coaching
  • Composition of Resume with appropriate format for graduate school admissions
  • Generation of Strategies for attaining letters of recommendation that maximize impact
  • Ideas for personal marketing tools to support admissions process
  • Advice on visiting universities
  • Strategies to obtain Merit Scholarships
  • Financial Aid application assistance
  • And more…

Our students have been successful not only in securing admission in top graduate programs all over the U.S., but also, in attaining Merit Scholarships.

By demonstrating their true value to these programs through outstanding applications, completed with EduPlan, our students have achieved their very best in the admissions process.

Become a successful student with EduPlan!


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