MBA Admissions

A good MBA Program can change your life forever!

It did for me!

Getting my MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan opened doors for me that I never knew existed. It gave me opportunities to meet accomplished professionals with whom I share many interests and whom, after 10 years, I still call friends.

This is why choosing an MBA Program could be one of the most important decisions in your life!

EduPlan brings you the insider’s perspective.

This can only be said by an elite group of professionals that come from top-tier schools and work as educational consultants. We understand the process you are going through because we have been through it ourselves!

We are prepared to help you make the right choices beyond choosing the right school.

We assess your strengths and weaknesses and provide a strategy for you to excel in the admissions process and then as part of your MBA class.
We analyze your professional and extracurricular interests and provide suggestions to maximize your candidate presentation to the graduate school programs of your choice.

Services we provide in MBA Program Admissions:

  • Selection of Business School programs to apply to
  • Management of admission process for each specific program
  • Conduction of Career and Educational Assessments
  • Development of a list of activities that help demonstrate the skills and proficiencies of each applicant, as well as their leadership abilities
  • Development of timelines and application strategies
  • Generation of Strategies for the taking standardized examinations (GMAT, TOEFL)
  • Essay Writing training and techniques
  • Interview coaching
  • Composition of Resume with appropriate format for business school admissions
  • Generation of Strategies for attaining letters of recommendation that maximize impact
  • Ideas for personal marketing tools to support business school admissions process
  • Advise on visiting graduate business school programs
  • Strategies to obtain Merit Scholarships
  • Financial Aid application assistance
  • And more…

We are proud of our MBA students who not only have secured admission to top MBA Programs, but also been awarded two-year Merit Scholarships.

At EduPlan, we strive to bring the best from our candidates, and we proudly say that MBA Programs recognize this effort.

Let EduPlan bring out the best in you and find your place in a top MBA Program!


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