College Admissions

Are your Planning to Attend College?

With EduPlan, you will obtain customized attention and expertise which will get you closer to your academic goals.

We analyze the goals and special profile of each applicant, offering updated and complete information of study options that provide the best fit to the student. Our information is impartial and plentiful on a great range of universities, we work with you!

We analyze the academic and extracurricular interests of each student and provide novel ways to optimize their presentation to the various available programs.

Our Focus lies in the Career Development of the student through the College Admissions Process.

This focus has proven successful not only in allowing the student to have a less stressful college admissions process, but also, a more effective one – as proven by our high admission rate to top Colleges and Universities.

High School Juniors and Seniors –

Take advantage of the following services:

  • Development of timelines and application strategies for college admissions process in the last years of high school
  • Advice on researching and analyzing colleges and universities
  • Support in finding colleges and universities that offer a great fit for the student
  • Career Planning and support in understanding various professions, occupations, fields and industries
  • Strategies on taking standardized examinations to maximize results (SAT, ACT, AP Examinations, TOEFL)
  • Essay Writing training, techniques and editing
  • Development of Brag Sheet or Resume
  • Support in maximizing outcome of visits to universities.
  • College Interview Coaching
  • Development of strategies to obtain Letters of recommendation that optimize positive impact in admissions process
  • Brainstorming on strategies for student positioning as an asset for the College Degree Programs of their choice
  • FASFA and CSS Profiler Application support
  • Merit Scholarship application support
  • Planning of internships, summer programs, gap year activities and/or any other extracurricular occupation that will support the student in their development and career exploration

High School Freshmen and Sophomores – These services are for you:

  • Devising of a 4-Year Plan, including all courses to take throughout high school years
  • Development of Career Exploration, leadership and teamwork plan, to progress along the four years of high school
  • Strategies to maximize results of standardized examinations (PSAT)
  • Overview of FAFSA application
  • Review of Merit Scholarship opportunities and introductory strategies to complete applications in upcoming years
  • Advanced planning of internships, summer programs, gap year activities, exchange programs and/or any other extracurricular occupation that will support the student in their development

7th grade students and on…

Take the stress out of the equation, start early! There is a lot we can do, including encouraging reading, choosing the right curriculum of 8th grade Math, exploring various jobs and fields of study, and so much more!

Contact EduPlan to learn how you and your child will benefit from an early beginning of our educational consulting process!


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