Why College and Graduate Admissions with EduPlan

Choosing the right path for Higher Education is one of the decisions that will have most impact in our lives!

EduPlan provides undivided attention to our families, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and assistance in preparing all pre-requisites to complete the admissions process for selected higher education institutions.

Aspiring students and their families can find this decision overwhelming as they struggle to evaluate options and make wise choices.

EduPlan counsels families in the selection of educational programs, based on the student’s individual needs and talents.

As Educational Consultants, EduPlan assists College and Graduate School applicants in choosing a program that will enhance their Career Growth path, from the academic, social and professional standpoints.

EduPlan through its staff and partnering Educational Consulting companies, brings to the family the wisdom, compassion and skills of experienced professionals, coupled with a commitment to ensure the aspiring student’s interests are met.

Whether it is a college or a graduate program, we will tackle challenges and do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome.

If you want to go to the next level, you are in the right place!

EduPlan was developed by Claudine Vainrub, MBA, CPRW, CPBS as an educational and career planning firm in Aventura, FL. Claudine brings 15+ years of leading MBA admissions, marketing, brand management, human capital development and journalism experience to the educational consulting industry.

She devises practical tools and strategies to uncover professional potential in college and graduate school applicants. Here are some of EduPlan’s Educational Highlights:

  • 11-year experience as MBA admissions interviewer for the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
  • Certified as a College Advisor by the UCLA Certification for College Admissions Counseling
  • More than six years of one-on-one experience counseling college and graduate school applicants with outstanding results

Our results speak for themselves – our clients have secured admission to the most prestigious institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Duke, Columbia, Georgetown, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, and many more.

Moreover, each year 50% of our clients have received unsolicited merit scholarships for submitting outstanding applications. This is especially unprecedented, as a large percentage of our students are of international origin, having a smaller probability of earning such awards.

EduPlan’s expertise, qualifications, and continual stream of referrals from clients confirms an exceptional level of service and results. College, MBA and other Master’s Degree applicants can partner confidently with EduPlan to move their career forward, beyond expectations.

Our specialty is providing you with a personal marketing package to initiate or enhance your success track. Preparing you to tackle the challenges ahead and surpass your Educational Goals! Our customers particularly value our one-on-one personal service.

At EduPlan, we hope to spark your interest to pursue exciting opportunities!

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