Which Job Search Methodology is Right for Me?

A look at the many means of finding a job today

Today’s job market offers a wide array of job search opportunities. Long gone are the days when jobs were sourced mostly by newspaper ads or recruiters. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of July 2008, there were 3.4 million job openings available across the United States. With so many opportunities available, you need to use the right methods to find one that suits your career aspirations.

When the time comes for you to conduct job search, think about the many possible ways of securing a position. It is not enough to choose just one means of job search, your chances of finding a suitable opportunity will increase when utilizing various job search methodologies.

Here is an overview of some of the most useful job search methods available:

Online Job Boards – This is by far the most popular means of finding a job today. Recently, Beyond.com carried out a poll involving more than 6,000 business professionals across thousands of sites. Their findings revealed that 47% of these professionals posted their resume to three or more job boards. This statistic reveals the popularity, and in a way, the effectiveness of finding a job through this method.

If you want to post your resume on a job board, you will need to create an account and post a text or ASCII version of your resume. Sorting out industries, experience level, salary requirements, job location and many other categories is possible. Post your resume in sites such as Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, Jobing, Nettemps, Computerjobs, Telecomcareers and you will find jobs suiting your qualifications coming right into your mailbox. It’s a quick way to find numerous job opportunities that you will be able to sort out later on.

Employment agencies / Recruiting Firms / Headhunters – Finding employment or recruiting agencies in your locality, and even ones that service the entire U.S. is easy through the internet and also through textbooks available at your local bookstore. These agencies will do all the peripheral work for you. They will provide advice on how to enhance your candidacy. They will give you tips on handling salary negotiations, and completing the formal contract once an offer is extended. However, you need to check out the reputation of any agency before taking up services with them. This way you will be sure of getting professional services. Beware also of reverse recruiting firms that offer to find jobs for candidates – usually their fees are steep and candidates are responsible for them (as opposed to employers) – these firms could be making promises that are hard to deliver – borderline impossible (and you might be getting into a large financial commitment.)

Job Fairs – This is a very interesting means of job searching because you will come face-to-face with your prospective employers. You might also find surprising the kind of job opportunities available through fairs.

Before you attend a job fair, make a list of employers recruiting at the fair. From this list identify those you wish to apply to. When going to the fair, look your most professional and be prepared for a short discussion / interview. Provide a professional resume printed out in 32lb. resume stock and ask for the employer’s business card. After you complete a round with all the employers in your list, talk with those not in your list. This might open unexpected job opportunities you might have not envisioned to find, and it could help you with your networking.

Newspaper Ads – The local newspaper classifieds is still a place where candidates search for jobs. You can find a good number of local opportunities here. When companies are in desperate need to source a position, they usually invest in a newspaper ad to get more visibility. However, the internet is becoming a more popular arena for finding the right job opportunities, thus, newspapers’ careers sections are getting thinner very fast. Do not be too quick in discarding this job methodology, though. About 10% of all jobs are still sourced through newspaper ads.

Networking This is the one method that no matter what, you need to make a must in your career. As a student just out of high school or out of college, you may find it easier to get a job through people you know, like your friends, your college professor or your school teacher. Just give each such person you know, your resume so that they are aware of your specialization and your skills. Follow leads given by any one promptly. When the time comes for contacting an employer, from any of your known sources, be sure to specify your source as this will work out for you in your favor.

As a seasoned professional, this can be a great weapon for career growth, new business ventures, and achieving favorable negotiations in almost any aspect of your work. Networking can help you not only when looking to develop professionally, but also when looking to excel in your job. This is the one constant you will need and use when well developed throughout your career.

With social networks online becoming increasingly visited by professionals, start registering and making new contacts to expand job search opportunities. Find associations with causes that you believe in, and become a proactive member. Take on leadership roles within non-profit organizations related to your industry or trade.

With all these different methodologies to conduct job search and career development, you will have your hands full of “to-do´s.” Not a moment to spare! Your next career opportunity awaits!

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Social Networks and Job Search – A Delicate Combination

A look at how social networking can help or hurt your job search

By Claudine Vainrub, MBA

Can social networks help you find job opportunities? The answer is a definite “Yes!” However, depending on your approach, social networks can also harm your job search process. There are many things to consider when meeting professionals online, garnering opportunities and presenting yourself as a candidate.

Getting access to optimum job opportunities when you are a job seeker largely depends on the places you search for them. It is vital then, to choose the right sources for finding jobs, or else it becomes increasingly difficult to come across career opportunities that suit your specific skill sets. One of the foremost tools used today for finding jobs is social networking. According to experts, about 80% of jobs are found today is through social networking sites.

Social networking sites can help you to find that dream job by bringing you closer to employers, recruiters and other job sources. This can mean encountering some of the best opportunities to meet the right people at the right place and the right time. Many times, when you search for a job posting in a job board, you can also have a hard time differentiating yourself from other candidates. You might also find it hard to identify postings that suit your specific skill sets. This is because most job requirements in job boards are not too specific, general in natural. This issue is solved through social networking sites.

Social networking sites are the places to find hidden job offers that don’t surface in your regular job boards. This is why social networking sites are more popular as they help employers to get across to candidates they would normally not have come across through other means of recruitment.

The main benefit in using social networks for job search is that you can post information about yourself and do it in an interactive way, to bring out the best that you know to the people looking out for your services. It is an informal presentation of your skills and experience to a prospective employer. Both beginners in the job market and experienced professionals could find social networking sites to work out for them.

Using social networks for job search, is not as cumbersome a process for job searching as sending in your resume, facing an interview, doing a test and in short going through the whole recruitment circle. When networking online, you might find you gained a head start by letting the recruiter learn about you and get interested in your profile. This is a big part of the battle – winning that “personal brand recognition.” You have one foot in the door.

If you are a professional with a specialized skill set, using social networks is the best way to find a job that requires your talents. There are social networks specifically available for certain kinds of professionals in specific industries. For example if you are a professional photographer, you would want to join flickr.com. When using social network sites for job search, take care to put in references as this gets you noticed quickly.

The drawback to using social network sites can be that your personal and professional information is accessed by random individuals. However, there are privacy settings in each site that you can use to protect yourself. Once you register, the networking process takes a while even if you are actively putting yourself out there. This can be a problem for the job seeker in a hurry, you may find this process too slow and passive for your needs.

Since the meetings in social networking sites are informal in nature, make sure to stand out by being very professional and making the best impression from the get-go. Some job seekers fail to read on this point and when they become informal, they risk losing opportunities for productive networking. A professional and formal online identity and behavior is essential when participating in LinkedIn, and even Facebook. Be aware of this before joining a social network – if you are looking for a job, refrain from having an un-professional online brand.

For social networking to show you the best results, you should be informed on which sites to register with, which ones you will gain most benefit from. Some of the most popular social networks that can take you across to the right employers are Linked.com, MySpace.com, Facebook.com, Plaxo.com, Meetup.com and Orkut.com.

So, what are you waiting for? Put forward your most professional image, achieve the process with formality and energy, get empowered to communicate effectively. Complete the registration process, and start getting closer to your aspirations of achieving a successful career move.

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New Job Postings – Contact EduPlan for more information on any of these jobs!


Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Albuquerque, NM



Albuquerque, NM


Manager Compensation and Benefits

Anchorage, AK


corporate and corporate finance associates

Austin, TX


Manager, Business Development Services

Baltimore, MD


Sr. Program Manager

Boca Raton, FL


Accounting Supervisor

Boston, MA


associates, paralegals, legal secretaries

Boston, MA


dave siegel’s boston legal positions (cont)

Boston, MA


Principal Engineer

Camp Hill, PA


Chicago associates

Chicago, IL


Chicago: Project Assistant

Chicago, IL


Managing Tax Partner

Dallas, TX


Senior Tax Accountant

Dallas, TX


Senior Tax Accountant

Dallas, TX


Tax Accountant

Dallas, TX


temp to perm Events Coordinator

Dallas, TX


Corporate/Equipment Finance associate (2vp)

Washington, DC


Quality Assurance Manager

Elmsford, NY


Regulatory Compliance Manager

Englewood Cliffs, NJ


Senior Engineer

Englewood Cliffs, NJ


Dave Siegel Connecticut attorney openings

Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford, CT


electrical engineer

Holbrook, NY


manufacturing engineer

Holbrook, NY


Applications Developer (eDocs – LDAP)

Houston, TX


Audit Manager

Houston, TX


Corporate/Lending, Global Projects/Energy, Corporate M&A, Tax associates

Houston, TX


Financial Reporting Analyst – Internal Management Reporting

Houston, TX


International Tax Manager

Houston, TX


Materials Balance Manager

Houston, TX


Project Engineer

Houston, TX


Sales & Marketing Rep Fuels & Raffinates

Houston, TX


Senior Financial Reporting Analyst-Internal Management Reporting

Houston, TX


Senior Tax Analyst

Houston, TX


Senior Tax Analyst

Houston, TX


Tax Analyst

Houston, TX


Environmental Scientist II

Locust Valley, NY


Litigation attorneys w/ trial experience

Long Beach, CA


Labor & Employment, Mergers and Acquisitions associates

Los Angeles, CA


paralegal, litigation associates, real estate associates

madison, NJ


Equipment Development Engineer

Manchester, NH


Manager, Manufacturing Product Engineering

Manchester, NH


Business Development Coordinator – Website and Collaterals

Manhattan, NY


facilities manager

Manhattan, NY


UG Mechanical Design Engineer

Medley, FL


corporate associates (hHrLlP)

Miami, FL


Sr. Engineer SCCM – MSP

Minneapolis, MN


Dave siegel attorney postings for NJ

Morristown, Bridgewater, Roseland, Florham Park, Newark, NJ


Senior Electrical Engineer/Project Manager

Mt Laurel, NJ


Senior Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager

Mt Laurel, NJ


litigation and insolvency associate, executive asst.

New York and Wilmington, NY


bankruptcy associates (1vp)

New York, NY


commercial, corporate, financial restructuring, m&a, and tax associates

New York, NY


Conference Center Staff, Legal Secretary,

New York, NY


corporate associates (hHrLlP)

New York, NY


dave siegel NY attorney openings

New York, NY


Engineer IV- Transportation/Transit

New York, NY



New York, NY


PC/LAN Technician / NOC Engineer

New York, NY


tax, real estate, employment, and a variety of coporate associates

New York, NY


Tax/T&E Private wealth candidate

New York, NY


Trusts and Estates Paralegal

New York, NY


Sr. Application Developer

Newport News, VA


Application Programmer/Analyst

New York, NY


dave siegel NY legal positions (cont)

New York, NY



North Dallas, TX


Design Engineer

Northern Mississippi, MS


Sr. Dishwasher Design Engineer

Northern Mississippi, MS


Sr. Ventilation Product Design Engineer

Northern Mississippi, MS


Supplier Quality Engineer

Northern Mississippi, MS


Legal Secretary/Assistant

Oak Lawn area, TX


Claims Examiner (Workers Compensation)

Peoria, IL


Engineer III Structural

Phoenix, AZ


Sr. Bridge Engineer

Phoenix, AZ


Technical Designer III

Phoenix, AZ


I & E Maintenance Engineer

Port Neches, TX


Reliability Engineer

Port Neches, TX


associates, assistant, finance analyst, accountant, tax mngr, IT support, Sr messaging ENG

Providence, RI


Senior Level Reciprocating Compressor Engineer

Quincy, IL


Business Development Manager

Ramsey, NJ


Corporate/M&A associate

San Antonio, TX


Civil Engineer V

San Francisco, CA


Engineer II Transportation/Transit

San Francisco, CA


Labor and Employment associate

San Francisco, CA


Technical Designer II

San Fransisco, CA


Intellectual Property Litigation associates

Silicon Valley, CA



Stamford, CT


Item Processing Manager

Tallahassee, FL


Network Administrator

Tallahassee, FL


Corporate/ M&A/Securities associaes

United Kingdom


Engineer I Transportation/Transit

Valley Forge, PA


ITS Project Manager

Valley Forge, PA


Sr. Bridge Engineer

Valley Forge, PA


Corporate, Financial Restructuring, multiple diverse intellectual prop, and M&A associates

Washington, D.C., DC



Western Suffolk County, LI, NY


Manager – Financial Reporting

Western Suffolk County, LI, NY


Manager of SOX Compliance

Worcester, MA


Oracle Applications Functional/Technical Lead

Worcester, MA


Senior Production Planner

Worcester, MA


Photolithography / Stepper Engineer

Worchester, NH

Employment statistics in decline

Here are the latests statistics on the Job Market:

• An index intended to show the economy’s future direction fell 0.3% in February, the fifth consecutive monthly drop, according to preliminary estimates by the Conference Board.
• The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for unemployment insurance increased sharply last week, matching a two-and-a-half-year high.
• The Conference Board said Thursday that its composite index of leading indicators fell to 135.0 in February after a revised 0.4% drop in January, with declines of 0.1% decline in December, 0.5% November, and 0.5% in October.
• The four-week average of new jobless claims rose by 6,000 to 365,250, the highest level since October 2005.
• Employment markets have weakened sharply in recent months. Non-farm payrolls fell by 22,000 in January, the first time in over four years, and then fell at a faster pace (63,000) last month. Those declines convinced many Wall Street economists that the economy is now in recession.
• In response, the Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates aggressively, including a 0.75-percentage-point reduction in the fed funds rate target on Tuesday to 2.25%. Officials have lowered the fed funds rate by three percentage points since September 2007.
• The unemployment rate for workers with unemployment insurance rose 0.1 percentage point to 2.2% in the week of March 8.

Source: Career Management Alliance Newsletter and The Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2008

EduPlan Job Board – New Job Postings!

Contact EduPlan at 1-888-661-8234 to apply to any of these positions:

  1. Applications Developer (educes – LDAP), Houston, TX                    
  2. Associates, assistant, finance analyst, accountant, tax Manager, IT support, Sr messaging ENG, Providence, RI                   
  3. Associates, paralegals, legal secretaries, and accounting/finance, Boston, MA                      
  4. Attorney postings for NJ, Morristown, Bridgewater, Roseland, Florham Park, Newark, NJ, Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford, CT                     
  5. Audit & Accounting Manager; Audit & Accounting Senior, NY                     
  6. Audit professionals, Southport and will consider Hartford, CT                     
  7. AUSTIN, TEXAS ATTORNEY OPENINGS, Austin, TX                            
  8. Business Development Coordinator – Website and Collaterals, Manhattan, NY                     
  9. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Albuquerque, NM                      
  10. Civil Engineer V, San Francisco, CA                           
  11. COLLIN COUNTY (Far North Dallas) attorneys,  Dallas, TX                               
  12. CORPORATE ASSOCIATE, Boston, MA                    
  13. DALLAS, TEXAS ATTORNEY OPENINGS, Dallas, TX                              
  14. Design Engineer, Northern Mississippi, MS                          
  15. Electrical engineer, Holbrook, NY                             
  16. Embedded software engineer, Lancaster, PA                    
  17. Engineer I Transportation/Transit, Valley Forge, PA                         
  18. Engineer II Transportation/Transit, San Francisco, CA                     
  19. Engineer III Structural, Phoenix, AZ                         
  20. Engineer IV- Transportation/Transit, New York, NY                         
  21. Environmental Scientist II, Locust Valley, NY                       
  22. Equipment Development Engineer, Manchester, NH                     
  23. Facilities manager, Manhattan, NY                          
  24. Financial Reporting Analyst – Internal Management Reporting, Houston, TX                          
  25. Flexo Process Engineer, Stockton OR, CA                             
  26. HOUSTON, TEXAS ATTORNEY OPENINGS, Houston, TX                    
  27. I & E Maintenance Engineer, Port Neches, TX                    
  28. Inside Sales Broker Position, Dallas, Fayetteville, ARK; Vancouver, WA, TX                             
  29. Internal Auditor I, Houston, TX                 
  30. International Tax – Alternative Investments, New York, NY                          
  31. International Tax – Levels needed (Sr Associate, Manager & Director), New York, NY                      
  32. International Tax Manager, Houston, TX                              
  33. Item Processing Manager, Tallahassee, FL                           
  34. Item Processing Manager, Tallahassee, FL                           
  35. ITS Project Manager, Valley Forge, PA                   
  36. Junior to Mid-Level Public and Structured Finance Associates, New York, NY                         
  37. Junior, Mid-Level and Senior Associates, Denver area, CO                           
  38. Junior, Mid-Level and Senior Intellectual Property Litigation Associates and Patent Associates, SAN FRANCISCO, PALO ALTO AND SAN DIEGO, CA                      
  39. Labor and Employment Attorneys, NASHVILLE, TN                          
  40. Legal Contracts Administrator, Ft Lauderdale, FL                               
  41. Litigation and insolvency associate, executive asst., New York and Wilmington, NY                           
  42. Litigation attorneys w/ trial experience, Long Beach, CA                               
  43. Manager of SOX Compliance, Worcester, MA                    
  44. Manager, Manufacturing Product Engineering, Manchester, NH                                 
  45. Manufacturing engineer, Holbrook, NY                  
  46. Market Intelligence Analyst Job Code: * MR-MIA-DL, Dallas, TX                
  47. Materials Balance Manager, Houston, TX                             
  48. Network Administrator, Tallahassee, FL                
  49. NEW YORK ATTORNEY OPENINGS, New York, NY                             
  50. Oracle Applications Functional/Technical Lead, Worcester, MA                  
  51. Paralegal, litigation associates, real estate associates, Madison, NJ                          
  52. Paralegals, Stamford, CT                              
  53. Photolithography / Stepper Engineer, Worchester, NH                 
  54. Principal Engineer, Camp Hill, PA                              
  55. Project Engineer, Houston, TX                  
  56. Quality Assurance Manager, Elmsford, NY                           
  57. Regulatory Compliance Manager, Englewood Cliffs, NJ                  
  58. Reliability Engineer, Port Neches & Houston, TX                               
  59. Sales & Use Tax – Senior Associates, New York, NY                          
  60. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ATTORNEY OPENINGS, San Antonio, TX                  
  61. Senior auditor; tax preparer; CPA, Manhattan, NY                           
  62. Senior Electrical Engineer/Project Manager, Mt Laurel, NJ                           
  63. Senior Engineer – System Center – MSP, Minneapolis, MN                          
  64. Senior Erlang Developer, Needham, MA                               
  65. Senior Financial Reporting Analyst-Internal Management Reporting, Houston, TX                            
  66. Senior Java/SWT Developer, Needham, MA                       
  67. Senior Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager, Mt Laurel, NJ                      
  68. Senior Production Planner, Worcester, MA                         
  69. Senior Production Planner, Worcester, MA                         
  70. Senior Tax Analyst, Houston, TX    
  71. Senior Tax Analyst, Houston, TX                               
  72. Sr. Application Developer, Newport News, VA                  
  73. Sr. Bridge Engineer, Phoenix, AZ                              
  74. Sr. Bridge Engineer, Valley Forge, PA                     
  75. Sr. Cooking Products Design Engineer, Northern Mississippi, MS                               
  76. Sr. Dishwasher Design Engineer, Northern Mississippi, MS                          
  77. Sr. Engineer SCCM – MSP, Minneapolis, MN                      
  78. Sr. Internal Auditor, Houston, TX                             
  79. Sr. Refrigeration Design Engineer, Northern Mississippi, MS                       
  80. Sr. Ventilation Product Design Engineer, Northern Mississippi, MS                           
  81. State & Local tax (Income & Franchise) – Sr Associates & Managers, New York, NY                            
  82. State & Local tax (M&A) – Sr Associates & Managers, New York, NY                         
  83. Supplier Quality Engineer, Northern Mississippi, MS                       
  84. Tax Accountant, Dallas, TX                          
  85. Tax Analyst, Houston, TX                             
  86. Tax professionals, Southport and possibly Hartford, CT                 
  87. Tax/T&E Private wealth, New York, NY                  
  88. Technical Designer II, San Francisco, CA                
  89. Technical Designer III, Phoenix, AZ                          
  90. Therapists, Albuquerque, NM                   
  91. UG Mechanical Design Engineer, MEDLEY, FL                     
  92. Vendor Rep * MR-VR-JF, Jacksonville, FL                             
  93. Vendor Representative * MR-VR-DL, Dallas, TX                
  94. Word Processing Coordinator for large downtown law firm,  Dallas, TX                   

New Job Search Statistics

As commented by the Career Management Alliance, here are some interesting recent statistics on job search trends:

College Grads find job search success at college career centers, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE’s 2007 Graduating Student Survey found that:

* 52% of students who reported securing full-time jobs had applied for a job through a campus career center-sponsored career fair.

* 41% had posted their resumes through their campus career center’s website.

The study also found that the most effective methods weren’t the most popular among students:

* 71% of the 12,000+ students applied for a job by sending their resumes directly to an employer’s website.

* 47% of students mailed a resume directly to the employer.

* 44% applied at a career center-sponsored job fair.

* 34% posted a resume through a career center website.

Source: www.careercornerstone.org/scccnews/issues/2007/scccnews1107.htm#scccnews3

New Job Search Statistics

As commented by the Career Management Alliance, here are some interesting recent statistics on job search trends:

College Grads find job search success at college career centers, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE’s 2007 Graduating Student Survey found that:

* 52% of students who reported securing full-time jobs had applied for a job through a campus career center-sponsored career fair.

* 41% had posted their resumes through their campus career center’s website.

The study also found that the most effective methods weren’t the most popular among students:

* 71% of the 12,000+ students applied for a job by sending their resumes directly to an employer’s website.

* 47% of students mailed a resume directly to the employer.

* 44% applied at a career center-sponsored job fair.

* 34% posted a resume through a career center website.

Source: www.careercornerstone.org/scccnews/issues/2007/scccnews1107.htm#scccnews3