Resume Distribution

Save hours of painstaking research and data-entry.

We have done the research and the hard work for you!

EduPlan will automatically post your resume on over 75 of the Internet’s most powerful recruiting sites.

We will publish your resume on all the general sites and the specific sites that apply directly to your job search target. We will provide a list of the sites you were posted in within a few days of completing the information submission process.

We will also send your resume directly by email to an average of 600 Recruiters in your field of work and geographic interest locations.

We will help you chose a maximum of six (6) job descriptions and three (3) States within the U.S. that our recruiters specialize in.

And last but not least, EduPlan will deliver your resume to a network of thousands of employers and corporate hiring managers that are interested in candidates within your specific industry and target position. This will maximize your opportunities to compete for attractive highly skilled jobs. You will also be able to see who is evaluating your resume, based on their recruiting priorities.

All in all, your professional profile will be available to 1.5 million recruiters and employers daily!

With this program, you save 60+ hours of data entry and weeks of research, while getting the exposure you need to land the job you want. It’s simple: We will choose with you all the information, as per your career wants and needs, and then you will be ready to complete the posting process.

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