Cover Letter Composition

A recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management discovered that over 75 percent of employers often discard candidates based solely on the cover letter!

With that said, we can see that Cover letters are as important as Resumes.  If they are well-written, they can capture the employer’s attention, compelling them to take a closer look at the resume. A poorly written cover letter is often enough to detract an employer from even looking at the resume.

A cover letter has a high impact as it generally is the first item employers get to see when they open a resume envelope.

It can be called a “pre-marketing” document to the all-important resume; the words must be  compelling and eye-catching, or the resume could be ignored.

Since cover letters aren’t typically as formatted as resume, they give employers the opportunity to assess an individual’s writing and communication skills–two important facets of almost any job.

At EduPlan, we do not limit ourselves to writing resumes. In fact, all of our resume packages come with two free generic cover letters. However, considering the importance of cover letters, we often suggest using our customized cover letter service. With this service, we will tailor a cover letter specifically to your needs, gearing it toward specific positions of your interest.


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