Personal Branding

Did you know that Branding can be applied to Professionals like yourself?

I am sure you have noticed that today’s fast-paced competitive world revolves around Brands. When we hear Coca-Cola, Google, Walmart, Silicon Valley, Apple, images and concepts immediately come to our minds. Simple explanation, but in essence…

THIS is Branding!

Now, why is branding so powerful? It helps us differentiate one product / service / place / person from another.

It makes a product or a person stand out from the crowd and communicate the added value they provide, that no one else can do exactly in the same way… This applies to people! Think of Madonna, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs…

Again, images and concepts immediately come to our minds… You can achieve this identification for yourself through Personal Branding!

Personal Branding is the cutting-edge concept of this decade!

EduPlan offers various Personal Branding development programs that cater to your needs and work schedules.

If you are an executive, entrepreneur, business owner, entry level employee, immigrant, Personal Branding will not only take you to the next step of your career, it will give you self confidence and direction to new ways that match your skills and strongest attributes.

Our Personal Branding Services are divided into two types of programs:

* One-on-One Training Programs

* Group and Online Training Programs
Our Methodology involves four stages and develops Personal Marketing tools as part of the process. We work with you comprehensively not only to uncover your professional identity, but also to create the tools that will support its communication to your target.

Some of the portfolio tools that we create as part of the personal branding process are:

  • Your Branded Resume
  • Branded Bio
  • Personal Website / Blog
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview Training
  • Résumé Distribution
  • And others…

Personal Branding Strategists are dedicated to maximizing professional potential of individuals by integrating who they are with what they do. We help you uncover your brand and differentiate yourself from others that do exactly the same.

We work with every aspect of an individual, that has to do with achieving Career Goals. This is why Personal Branding Strategists need to offer services that relate to all areas of an individual’s professional growth, including their work experiences, education and personal marketing skills. Our personalized services are tailored to meet specific client needs.

What can Personal Branding Achieve for you?

You stop being a commodity to become a Unique Professional that provides a service in a certain special way that no one else can do in exactly the same way!

Find the Unique Selling Proposition your career needs!

As your passions, personal interests and values are present in your day to day activities, you can become the best in what you do. When you can be YOU and dedicate yourself to what you are really good at, then you can be a leader in your field. The hard part sometimes is to find WHAT that area/function is that brings the best in you. This is where a Personal Branding Strategist can help.

It is possible to enjoy your daily responsibilities

EduPlan provides Personal Branding Programs bringing a cutting-edge approach to career coaching

We will help you uncover your personal brand and unique promise of value as professional resume writers and career coaches. Our career coaching sessions will help you identify what differentiates you from other professionals.

Many people work all week and can’t wait for the weekends or evenings, when they can do what they really love. So many of us devote our careers to work that does not challenge us. This can be emotionally unhealthy and hardly results in the achievement of excellence.

Personal Branding is about discovering what you love to do and giving you a strategy to call it your “Career”.

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