Branded Biographies

BORING!!! That’s exactly what you don’t want your Bio to be.

An executive bio is all about presenting yourself in a few paragraphs and giving readers a brief overview of your achievements, capabilities and experience.

We provide a networking tool that will take you to the next level.

Whether you are looking for a job, promoting your enterprise, or promoting yourself for any purpose, a Bio is a way to communicate to others aspects they should not miss about your profile.

Bios can be boring if only presenting facts and details about your career. However, branded bios are accomplished following our EduPlan 361 Assessment.

Our Personal Branding Assessments will uncover attributes and personality traits that differentiate you from other professionals.

With this information in hand, a bio can be branded as your uniqueness comes through, allowing the document to become a powerful selling tool.

EduPlan creates Branded Bios that are not only easy to read and light but newsworthy!

Our background in journalism and excellent creative skills allow us to create documents that will convey all you need to in the most attractive and enjoyable reading format.

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