Claudine Vainrub provides creative strategies and practical tools for individuals to take their personal and professional success up to the next level. She is a believer of personal and professional growth not only in word but in action, challenging herself to continually seek bold growth strategies, learning and expanding as much as she challenges others to do.

Throughout her entire career in management, consulting, training and coaching, Ms. Vainrub has progressed as a young and successful leader thanks to her ability to take positive action. Her style is proactive, taking critisism as an opportunity instead of a downfall. She was coached by successful entrepreneurs, top professors and career counselors, all providing tools that propelled her career advancement, not without risk. The risk is paying off, though, as she devotes her time to an occupation she feels passionate about inspiring others into reaching their maximum potential through marketing, career strategy and communication skills.

Claudine has lived in three countries and highly diverse environments. She has been successful at managing people from many different backgrounds, working together in teams.

Ms. Vainrub grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has turned her corporate success into a consulting practice. With a contagious energy, strategy savvy and determination towards positive change, she is ready to inspire you and your team to meet your highest expectations.

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