Top 10 Tools for New College Students

Take a look at the Top Ten Tools by that can support you as a freshman in college (hint: many of them are useful also as a high school student and later on for grad school or in your career):

  1. “Skype– traditionally a software application that allows users to make free voice calls to one another, professors and students are beginning to use its BETA group video-chat service to engage in classroom discussions and host virtual office hours
  2. Google Docs– Google applications such as Google Documents, Calendar and GMail have become a standard suite of tools for college students to collaborate – really hits the spot for group work
  3. Twitter – no longer just a social network, students and academics alike are starting to leverage this network to crowd-source questions, gather research and increase classroom engagement levels
  4. GradeGuru Citation Manager– a bookmarklet & FireFox Add-On that helps students collect and manage citations in APA, MLA and Harvard style straight from their browser – a real time saver for essays, papers and assignments
  5. Chegg– #1 textbook rental site
  6. Studyrails – online study tool that helps with time management by allowing students to schedule their study time and block out access to sites that might distract them
  7. Study Tracker – the iPad app by GradeGuru that helps student track their performance – students can record their study time and grades per class to monitor their effort and outcomes
  8. Mindmeister– online mind mapping and collaboration tool that helps with group projects and presentations
  9. Quizlet–  students can browse and use millions of flashcards created by other students and teachers, or create their own
  10. DYD -a web-based 3-D dorm room design tool that allows college students to customize their dorm room interiors and purchase their favorite room selections online”

Good luck in your new journey!

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