Which Job Search Methodology is Right for Me?

A look at the many means of finding a job today

Today’s job market offers a wide array of job search opportunities. Long gone are the days when jobs were sourced mostly by newspaper ads or recruiters. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of July 2008, there were 3.4 million job openings available across the United States. With so many opportunities available, you need to use the right methods to find one that suits your career aspirations.

When the time comes for you to conduct job search, think about the many possible ways of securing a position. It is not enough to choose just one means of job search, your chances of finding a suitable opportunity will increase when utilizing various job search methodologies.

Here is an overview of some of the most useful job search methods available:

Online Job Boards – This is by far the most popular means of finding a job today. Recently, Beyond.com carried out a poll involving more than 6,000 business professionals across thousands of sites. Their findings revealed that 47% of these professionals posted their resume to three or more job boards. This statistic reveals the popularity, and in a way, the effectiveness of finding a job through this method.

If you want to post your resume on a job board, you will need to create an account and post a text or ASCII version of your resume. Sorting out industries, experience level, salary requirements, job location and many other categories is possible. Post your resume in sites such as Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, Jobing, Nettemps, Computerjobs, Telecomcareers and you will find jobs suiting your qualifications coming right into your mailbox. It’s a quick way to find numerous job opportunities that you will be able to sort out later on.

Employment agencies / Recruiting Firms / Headhunters – Finding employment or recruiting agencies in your locality, and even ones that service the entire U.S. is easy through the internet and also through textbooks available at your local bookstore. These agencies will do all the peripheral work for you. They will provide advice on how to enhance your candidacy. They will give you tips on handling salary negotiations, and completing the formal contract once an offer is extended. However, you need to check out the reputation of any agency before taking up services with them. This way you will be sure of getting professional services. Beware also of reverse recruiting firms that offer to find jobs for candidates – usually their fees are steep and candidates are responsible for them (as opposed to employers) – these firms could be making promises that are hard to deliver – borderline impossible (and you might be getting into a large financial commitment.)

Job Fairs – This is a very interesting means of job searching because you will come face-to-face with your prospective employers. You might also find surprising the kind of job opportunities available through fairs.

Before you attend a job fair, make a list of employers recruiting at the fair. From this list identify those you wish to apply to. When going to the fair, look your most professional and be prepared for a short discussion / interview. Provide a professional resume printed out in 32lb. resume stock and ask for the employer’s business card. After you complete a round with all the employers in your list, talk with those not in your list. This might open unexpected job opportunities you might have not envisioned to find, and it could help you with your networking.

Newspaper Ads – The local newspaper classifieds is still a place where candidates search for jobs. You can find a good number of local opportunities here. When companies are in desperate need to source a position, they usually invest in a newspaper ad to get more visibility. However, the internet is becoming a more popular arena for finding the right job opportunities, thus, newspapers’ careers sections are getting thinner very fast. Do not be too quick in discarding this job methodology, though. About 10% of all jobs are still sourced through newspaper ads.

Networking This is the one method that no matter what, you need to make a must in your career. As a student just out of high school or out of college, you may find it easier to get a job through people you know, like your friends, your college professor or your school teacher. Just give each such person you know, your resume so that they are aware of your specialization and your skills. Follow leads given by any one promptly. When the time comes for contacting an employer, from any of your known sources, be sure to specify your source as this will work out for you in your favor.

As a seasoned professional, this can be a great weapon for career growth, new business ventures, and achieving favorable negotiations in almost any aspect of your work. Networking can help you not only when looking to develop professionally, but also when looking to excel in your job. This is the one constant you will need and use when well developed throughout your career.

With social networks online becoming increasingly visited by professionals, start registering and making new contacts to expand job search opportunities. Find associations with causes that you believe in, and become a proactive member. Take on leadership roles within non-profit organizations related to your industry or trade.

With all these different methodologies to conduct job search and career development, you will have your hands full of “to-do´s.” Not a moment to spare! Your next career opportunity awaits!

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