H1-B Visas

Now is the best time to start your H1-B Job Search!

h1-b "Every year – over 80% of H1B job hiring and recruitment takes place between January and April.

Get An Advantage – start preparing now to find H1B Jobs before they are released on the open market and your competition increases ten-fold. (…)

Due the Increasingly High Demand for H1B employees by US employers – The Rush is about to Start. Don’t get left behind – thousands of US Employers will be actively recruiting to make sure that they get their share of new H1B job seekers, as fast as possible !

Based on previous years, the new H1B’s will not last long. (…) As one Fortune 500 company recently told our H1B Research Group – “International H1B job seekers who do not start now, will miss this narrowing chance to work in the US. It is crucial to find an H1B job within the next few months, to even stand a chance of being counted towards this years quota”. This is common feelings and sentiment from many of the H1B sponsor companies within our partner network.

Many of the top US sponsor companies who were shut out in the cold, due to last years H1B Cap being reached very early, are doing everything in their power to ensure they get their fair share of new H1B visa employees – as fast as possible!

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to Start Your H1B Job Search Now to Maximize Your Chances. Fact: the longer you wait, the less chance you have !

To Obtain Your H1B Visa …. Step 1) you MUST first find a job with a company who will ‘sponsor’ your H1B visa Step 2) your new employer (sponsor) then files your H1B application Step 3) your visa application is processed by the US Immigration Bureau Step 4) you can start work for your new employer (H1B sponsor company) in the USA."

    Source: http://www.h1bbase.com

    EduPlan offers a service that distributes your resume to a network of recruiters working with H1-B sponsoring corporations. For more information on this service, please contact EduPlan at info@eduplan.us.


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